AeroGRID offer one of the worlds largest aerial photo datasets with national coverage from Core Partners of Great Britain, Netherlands, United States, Belgium, Germany together with millions of km² covering many more countries through arrangements with 3rd party data producers. Please follow the links to the coverage map for more details. AeroGRID also has high resolution data of most major cities throughout Europe and North America.

AeroGRID partners operate a fleet of 14 aircraft and as many digital camerasin 5 European locations making us one of the largest aerial data producers in the world.

We also offer a wide range of GI products including street mapping, digital elevation models, CIR, Thermal Imagery and building models.

AeroGRID is owned by three leading aerial survey organisations: Aerodata, Geocontent, and Getmapping. 

Aerodata International Surveys is an innovative and hands-on airborne surveying and mapping company, specialized in airborne spatial data acquisition of the earth's surface and its advanced processing into geo-information products.

GeoContent is one of the leading providers of aerial photography and precise geospatial information for Germany. Founded in 2001 and with over 30 highly specialised experts in various fields, GeoContent ensures the delivery of up-to-date digital orthophotos, enriched with additional content, and the continual development of new products and techniques.

Getmapping pioneered nationwide coverage of aerial photography creating the most comprehensive and detailed aerial survey of the UK. Getmapping was also the first company to take advantage of the Internet to deliver its new imagery through the online channel. Thousands of architects, engineers, developers, GIS professionals and many more have benefited from easy access to its digital data. Today Getmapping produces its own vertical aerial photography, oblique photography and height data derived from its aerial survey program.

For more information please contact info@aerogrid.net or phone + 44 1252 849440

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