WMS Service

What is AeroGRID WMS?

AeroGRID Web Mapping Service (WMS) enables clients to instantly obtain our aerial photography via a URL link which is placed into a geocontent program or WMS browser. The service can be set up for specific areas such as cities, counties, districts, countries or a variation of all of them dependent on clients’ specific needs. Currently we have 2 million km² of imagery available through Europe and we expect to have 4 million km² by 2012.

The Advantages of WMS

There are significant practical and commercial benefits from accessing aerial photography in this way:

· On the Cloud Data Access: We take care of image storage and delivery ensuring access to the latest imagery

. The solution is simple to implement

. It extends access to aerial photography to all potential users in an organisation

. Payment is by usage as well as by geographic extent with 3 licence models, per transaction, per organisation or per computer.

This page has been set up to demonstrate AeroGRID’s WMS capabilities. It will enable you to get a feel for how the service works and assess how your organisation could benefit from signing up to the service.

In order to view the demonstration area of WMS, please place the URL below into your GIS application or WMS viewer.


If you do not currently have a WMS viewer you can download Gaia, a free to use application that will enable you to view our WMS service.

AeroGRID supports the OpenGIS® Web Map Service (WMS) Implementation Specification. By means of this ISO standard, we are able to provide organisations with access on demand to the aerial photography they want for the areas they need by means of an internet connection to our aerial photography web server.

For more information please contact info@aerogrid.net or phone + 44 1252 849440